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Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.
- Vincent van Gogh

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Cenote Dos Ojos
Cenote Dos Ojos: Ultimate Guide + Unique Experiences (2024)
Cenote Dos Ojos invites travelers with its crystal-clear waters and mesmerizing underwater caverns in the lush landscapes near Tulum.  Josh and I were captivated by our first...
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Arab baths Ronda
The Arab Baths Ronda
The Arab Baths Ronda, known in Spanish as “Baños Arabes” are a relic of architectural and historical significance, and offer a journey back in time to an epoch when Ronda was a bustling...
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Digital Nomad
How To Become A Digital Nomad: Your Step-By-Step Guide
If you’re dreaming of a life of becoming a digital nomad and working remotely from any location with Wi-Fi, this guide has got you covered.  Imagine exploring stunning...
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Ronda Spain walking tours
Top 5 Ronda Spain Walking Tours: Your Ultimate Guide
Are you ready to explore the best Ronda Spain walking tours? Picture yourself stepping into a world where every alleyway and stone whispers secrets of the past. This isn’t just...
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The Ronda Spain History
Ronda Spain History: A Journey Through Time
The Ronda Spain history doesn’t just whisper; it echoes through the streets, across the breathtaking El Tajo gorge, and within the walls of ancient buildings. If you’re...
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Puente Nuevo in Ronda
Best Things to Do in Ronda: Your 2024 Traveler's Guide
Looking for the best things to do in Ronda? You’re in the right place! Imagine standing way up high on the edge of a big, deep hole in the ground, snapping awesome pictures that’ll...
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Hey there! I’m Melissa, a wandering “slowmad” who’s been on a relentless quest for adventure since officially ditching the conventional lifestyle in 2022.

Alongside my partner, Josh, we embarked on this journey when the soaring prices of San Diego made us rethink what a fulfilling life truly means. With a BA in Foods and Nutrition in my toolkit and an insatiable curiosity about the world, we turned our life into a series of adventures and learning experiences.

From Tulum to Spain to Switzerland – and beyond, we’ve embraced the beauty of slow travel—immersing in cultures, forming deep connections, and living on our terms.

I hope to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, embrace the unknown, and travel with intention and responsibility. 

Welcome, friends, to Aqua Apple – a space where I share our tales of slow travel, insights into living a health-conscious lifestyle on the go, and tips on how you too can create your freedom lifestyle, one adventure at a time. Let’s embark on this journey together, shall we?

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