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12 Natural Ways to Reduce Cellulite Appearance

Cellulite appearance can be a self-conscious problem that many women struggle with. There are so many, too many remedies that appear on websites, magazines, social media and other viewing sites, that the problem is still unsolved.

Most of these sources say that the cellulite dimpled appearance is caused from the imbalance of the connective tissue and the accumulation of fat cells. This imbalance can be caused from genetics, hormones, age, diet, lifestyle factors, and lack of exercise can all play a role but it can be hard to pinpoint one cause.

The exact cause of cellulite is unknown. Those who are overweight have a higher chance of having cellulite appearance, but many women who are averaged-sized have the same problem. Between 80-90 percent of women will probably experience cellulite in their lifetime.

Cellulite can affect not only women but men too. Women are more common to have cellulite due to the different distributions of fat, muscle, and connective tissue compared to men.

Yes, there are procedures to get rid of or reduce cellulite appearance, but you should first try natural remedies that you can do at home, before spending all of your money.

  1. Eat Clean, Alkaline Foods

In order to get rid of unwanted toxins in your body, you must first draw them out from where they are being formed, your cells, tissues, and organs. You can do this by consuming alkaline unprocessed foods like fresh vegetables and fruits.

The alkalinity in fruits and vegetables magnetizes to the acidic toxins in your cells, drawing them out so they can be removed. So, if you want to minimize your cellulite, increase your intake of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Some alkaline foods include, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, pineapples, pears, hazelnuts, celery, and kiwis. 

  1. Hydrate

You need to keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water. You can also get hydration through fresh fruits and vegetables. Water is essential to life and is essential to reducing and preventing cellulite.

You should start each day with a full glass of water. This should be the first thing that you consume. You can even try adding in some lemon slices.

  1. Swap Your Salt

You should swap your refined salt (table salt) for some Himalayan sea salt.

Refined salt is very acidic and filters minerals from your body. It is also highly dehydrating. Refined salt only adds to the accumulation of toxicity in your body.

Sea salt however is alkaline and is packed with beneficial minerals. It’s not only more beneficial to your health, but it tastes better too.

  1. Dry Brushing

There may not be any scientifically proven evidence that dry brushing will take away cellulite, but there are many anecdotal support for this natural remedy. Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system and blood flow.

The brushing will stimulate your lymphatic system by releasing toxins. It also aids in digestion and kidney function. Dry brushing opens up the pores on your skin and removes the dried skin cells so you will receive a radiant skin complexion when finished. It’s a cheap and effective way to promote healthy firm skin.

Type of Brush to Look For:

Look for a non-synthetic with natural bristle brush. The bristles should be firm but not hard. The ones that come with a handle are easier to use. Here is an example of a brush to look for.

How to Brush:

You should always brush in the direction towards your heart. Avoid brushing back and forth, scrubbing, and circular motions. A good place to begin is at your feet, then moving up your legs on both sides. Here is a video for how to correctly dry brush.

How Often?

You can dry brush daily and even do it twice a day. Dry brushing helps you to open up your skin pores so, it can be effectively applied daily. Make sure your skin is dried before brushing and don’t get the brush wet at any time. The ideal time would be before you take a shower.

Dry Brushing Benefits:

This application promotes tighter skin, cell renewal, blood flow, and removes dead skin cells. After dry brushing, you’ll notice your skin become smoother and glow up your complexion. This application also helps the lymphatic system to release toxins, and aids in digestion as well as improve kidney function.

  1. A Coffee Scrub

Creating a coffee scrub is easy and works great on reducing cellulite. The caffeine in the coffee helps to stimulate a tightening effect and when you scrub in circular motions, you’ll stimulate lymph and blood flow. It’s worth a try.

What You’ll Need:

  • ¼ cup coffee grounds
  • 2-3 Tablespoon brown sugar
  • 2 Tablespoon of coconut oil

How to Make:

Combine all ingredients into a bowl until it creates a paste. Store in a glass jar.

How to Use:

When you’re in the shower, (water-off) massage in circular motion over your cellulite areas. Make sure you are firmly pressing your strokes. Wash after 5 minutes. You can do this 2-3 times a week and you will be able to see visible results within a couple of weeks.

  1. Taking Hydrolyzed Collagen

Consuming hydrolyzed collagen has many benefits.

  • Strengthening hair, nails and bones
  • A protein source
  • Supporting skin elasticity and reducing the signs of aging
  • Improve cellulite appearance
  • Boosting gut health
  • Stabilizing joints

Collagen is composed of many amino acids which many Americans lack in their diet. These amino acids are only found in bones, fibrous tissues, and organs of animals. These amino acids are needed for optimal immune function and weight regulation.

When collagen is consumed, it can be converted and re-absorbed back into the body, reversing the ailments caused by collagen deterioration. Collagen stores can be replaced through high quality, 100% grass-fed, clean sourced, highly bioavailable and highly absorbable collagen supplementation.

Not only does collagen help reduce the appearance of cellulite, this supplementation also contains many other health benefits.

  1. Myofascial Massage

One theory of how cellulite can be formed is in the superficial fascia. This is a layer in the connective tissue below the skin where the fat cells accumulate and are stored. Superficial fascia is typically fibrous but due to lack of exercise, injuries, scar tissues, and other contributing factors can form the cottage cheese look on the skin.

Some massage therapists suggest getting a myofascial massage to help smooth out the superficial fascia layer in the connective tissue. This massage can also help with muscle and join pain release.

If you don’t have access to a massage therapist, you can use a deep tissue foam roller instead at home.

  1. Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great for working out certain muscle groups in the body. Using kettlebells in your work-out routine will help you to increase blood flow and improve the areas of cellulite appearance.

  1. Consuming Omega-3s

Another theory of cellulite is consuming the wrong kinds of fats which can lead to an imbalance of fatty acids. Over time, consuming enough Omega-3s may help reduce cellulite. Omega 3s are also very beneficial in other ways for your body and are important to be consumed. So, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

  1. Moisturize

By constantly adding chemically made beauty products on your skin may lead to skin problems and not help cellulite. Try using natural options for your overall skin care and moisturizer. Even a simple lather of coconut oil is a good all-purpose moisturizer.

  1. Try a Detox Bath

Detox baths are not only relaxing but are great for our skin. One theory proclaims that toxin build-up in the skin and fat tissues can lead to cellulite formation. So, they are worth a try.

  1. Balance Hormones

Many sources agree that hormones play a huge role in cellulite formation. This may be the reason why women are more likely to have cellulite more than men. Working toward having a proper hormone balance can help reduce your cellulite appearance. Even if your cellulite doesn’t get fully reduced, balancing your hormones helps in so many other ways and is worth working on.



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