Best dinner spots in Zermatt

Zermatt’s Best Dinner Spots: A Food Lover’s Paradise

Are you gearing up for a trip to Zermatt and wondering where you’ll be dining? I’ve been on a delicious journey through this Swiss paradise and can’t wait to share Zermatt’s best dinner spots with you in this ultimate foodie guide!

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Let’s dive into Zermatt’s culinary treasures and uncover where to find the most delightful dinner experiences. 

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Zermatt’s Culinary Landscape: A Gourmet Adventure

In the heart of the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is a culinary hotspot, offering everything from traditional Swiss dishes to international gourmet experiences.

Top Fine Dining Experiences in Zermatt

Gourmet Extravaganzas: Luxury and Flavour

For a luxurious dining experience, Zermatt has several high-end options that are sure to impress.


  • Experience: Modern cuisine dishes served in the form of a set menu made from regional ingredients sourced from within a 50km radius whenever possible.
  • Price Range: CHF 130 (USD ~$140)
  • Location:📍Potato Fine Food Restaurant
  • Access: Centrally located in Zermatt, easily reachable on foot.
  • Why Visit: For an exquisite culinary experience with a focus on local, fresh ingredients.

fine dining restaurant

The Omnia

  • What to Expect: A modern culinary journey with breathtaking views.
  • Price Range: CHF 30 – 130 (USD ~$32 – 140)
  • Location:📍THE OMNIA 
  • Access: Nestled on a cliff accessible via a tunnel elevator.
  • Why Visit: For a unique dining experience combining modern cuisine with stunning alpine views.

Traditional Swiss Cuisine in Zermatt

Authentic Swiss Flavors: Cheese, Meat, and More

Zermatt’s best dinner spots offer traditional cuisine with a cozy and authentic taste of the Swiss Alps.

Chez Vrony

  • Famous For: Alpine cuisine fusing Valais tradition with Italian influences. Don’t miss the Vroni Burger, raclette with fig-hazelnut chutney, and apple fritters (“Apfelchuechli”) with homemade vanilla sauce.
  • Price Range: CHF 25 – 50 (USD ~$27 – 54)
  • Location:📍Chez Vrony
  • Access: Findeln area, accessible by a scenic hike or ski. In the middle of the Sunnegga ski resort above Zermatt.
    • Non-skiers take the Sunnega mountain railway to get to the Chez Vrony chalet and then a 10-minute walk. 
  • Why Visit: This classy chalet occupies just about the sunniest spot – with a picture-perfect view of the Matterhorn. 

Swiss raclette dish

Restaurant Schäferstube

  • Must-Try: Hearty meat dishes, especially the lamb specialties.
  • Price Range: CHF 20 – 60 (USD ~$22-65)
  • Location:📍Restaurant Schäferstube
  • Access: In the heart of Zermatt, within Hotel Julen.
  • Why Visit: For traditional Swiss dishes in a cozy, family-run setting.

Romantic Dinner Destinations in Zermatt

Intimate Dining: Perfect for Couples

Looking for a romantic dinner spot? Zermatt’s best dinner spots offer an intimate and enchanting setting.

Cervo: Madre Nostra

  • Cuisine: Italian dishes
  • Price Range: CHF 30 – 50 (USD ~$32 – 54)
  • Location:📍Madre Nostra by CERVO
  • Access: Near the Sunnegga funicular station.
  • Why Visit:  For modern elegance with a cozy mountain feel and exquisite Italian cuisine.

Ristorante Capri

  • Cuisine: Fine Mediterranean-French specialties, offering a wide range of fresh fish, seafood and crustacean with carefully sourced ingredients.
  • Price Range: CHF 20 – 60 (USD ~$22 – 65)
  • Location:📍Ristorante Capri
  • Access: In the Mont Cervin Palace Hotel.
  • Why Visit: Eatery with a stunning Matterhorn view.

Preparing a scallop dish

International Flavors in Zermatt

A World of Cuisine: Global Tastes

For those craving international flavors, Zermatt offers a range of options to satisfy your palate.

Le Gitan Grill

  • Highlights: Grill specialties with an international twist.
  • Price Range: CHF 20 – 60 (USD ~$22 – 65)
  • Location:📍Le Gitan Grill
  • Access: Close to the main street in Zermatt, easily accessible on foot.
  • Why Visit: For a diverse menu offering grilled dishes with a unique flair.

Myoko Japanese Restaurant

  • What to Try: Gyoza snow-crab & lemongrass and the tuna, salmon, cucumber roll
  • Price Range: CHF 12 – 40  (USD ~$13 – 43)
  • Location:📍Restaurant Myoko
  • Access: Central Zermatt, near the station.
  • Why Visit: Authentic Japanese cuisine including sushi and teppanyaki.

Chef making sushi

Dietary Friendly Options in Zermatt

Inclusive Dining: For Every Dietary Need

Zermatt’s restaurants cater to various dietary requirements, ensuring everyone has delicious options.


  • Specialty: Homemade cranberry gnocchi
  • Price Range: CHF 20 – 40 (USD ~$22 – 43)
  • Location:📍Vegistube
  • Access: Conveniently located on the main street.
  • Why Visit: Offers vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes.

Golden India

  • What to Try: Mix started platter & Aloo palak 
  • Price Range: CHF 20 – 50 (USD ~$22 – 54)
  • Location:📍Golden India Zermatt
  • Access: A short walk from Zermatt’s church square.
  • Why Visit: For a range of Indian dishes catering to vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers. Accommodates special dietary needs including Jain, lactose-free, and gluten-free options.

Indian dish

Average Dining Costs and Saving Tips

Dining Budget: From Luxury to Affordable

  • Fine dining in Zermatt can be a bit pricey, but offers an unparalleled experience.
  • For more budget-friendly options, try local taverns and pubs which provide great value for money.

Saving Tips:

  • Look for fixed-price menus or dine at less central locations for better deals.

Pro Tip: Book Ahead

Remember, reservations are key, especially during peak season. It ensures a stress-free dining experience and is appreciated by all of the restaurants.


Whether it’s indulging in gourmet dishes, enjoying traditional Swiss meals, or exploring international flavors, Zermatt’s best dinner spots have something for every taste and occasion. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey that’s as spectacular as the views!

Keep following Aqua Apple for more insights into the best dining and travel experiences in Zermatt and beyond! Let’s make every meal an adventure!

Best dinner spots in Zermatt

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