The Best Mezcal Tour in Oaxaca

If you’re planning a trip to Oaxaca and want to learn about mezcal, you’ve got to check out the best mezcal tour in Oaxaca. It’s not just about enjoying a few drinks; it’s a deep dive into the heritage and craft of Oaxaca’s most famous spirit. 

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The best mezcal tours in Oaxaca

Why This Mezcal Tour Tops the List

Journey to the Heart of Mezcal

Starting in the lively Jalatlaco in Oaxaca City, the tour transportation takes you straight to Santiago Matatlán, the epicenter of mezcal. The place buzzes with energy dedicated to this revered drink, making it the perfect setting for an authentic artisanal mezcal experience.

Witnessing Mezcal’s Craftsmanship

Seeing how artisanal mezcal is made from the beginning is an enlightening experience. The process, steeped in tradition and careful craftsmanship, unfolds before your eyes, from choosing the best agave to the meticulous distillation process.

mezcal making

A Deep Dive into the Art of Mezcal

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access

The tour gives you a rare glimpse into areas like the aging cellars. It’s fascinating to see the rows of barrels, each playing a part in the slow perfection of mezcal.

Inside a mezcal cellar

The Richness of Mezcal Tasting

Tasting various artisanal mezcals is an adventure in itself. Each type has its character, flavor profile, and story, making you appreciate the diversity and complexity of this spirit.

Mezcal tasting

A Hands-On Adventure in the Agave Fields

Experiencing the Heart of Artisanal Mezcal Production

Our mezcal tour took an exciting and interactive turn after we’d warmed up with a few mezcal tastings. Filled with confidence and a deeper appreciation for mezcal, our guide led us into the heart of the agave fields for a truly hands-on experience.

Taking the Machete Into Your Own Hands

There’s something empowering about being handed a machete and stepping into the thick of agave plants. The guide showed us how to safely and effectively cut the tips of the agave plants.

This hands-on activity wasn’t just for show – it’s an integral part of the mezcal-making process known as ‘quiote cutting.’

The Importance of ‘Quiote Cutting’

Quiote cutting is critical in ensuring the agave plants produce the highest quality mezcal. By removing the quiote, or the flowering stalk, the agave redirects its energy and resources to the core, concentrating the sugars needed for a richly flavored mezcal.

Agaves that have had their quiote cut are referred to as ‘capón’ and are highly sought after for their superior sugar content.

Being in the field, machete in hand, after enjoying the flavors of mezcal, was not just thrilling but enlightening. It bridged the gap between being a mere spectator and becoming a part of the mezcal-making tradition, even if just for a moment.

Culinary Delights to Conclude the Tour

After our mezcal tour, we wrapped up the day with a special dinner at the guide’s mom’s restaurant. The meal was delicious, showcasing Oaxacan flavors. The meals change in every tour. 

You get to enjoy live mariachi music during the meal, which makes the experience even more enjoyable. The evening also includes mezcal tastings, adding to the day’s experiences. 

After dinner, you’ll be driven back to the Jalatlaco, ending the perfect day of exploration and discovery.

A traditional Oaxaca meal

Booking Your Best Mezcal Tour in Oaxaca

Planning Your Visit

  • Price: $90 per person.
  • Age Requirement: 18+ years of age – the legal drinking age.
  • Recommendations:
    • Eat a good breakfast beforehand
    • Bring sunglasses
    • Wear comfortable walking shoes
    • Wear a hat
  • Meeting Point: Iglesia Jalatlaco, Oaxaca de Juárez
A photo in Jalatlaco neighborhood in Oaxaca

Reservation Process

Ensure your spot by booking early through the official Airbnb Experience tour page!

Understanding Mezcal: Types and Labels

The Three Types of Mezcal

  • Industrial Production: Focuses on efficiency, often missing traditional flavors.
  • Artesanal Methods: Employs earthen pits for cooking and natural fermentation.
  • Ancestral Techniques: The most traditional method, using wooden vats and clay pots.

Mezcal Labels

  • 100% Agave: Indicates pure mezcal made exclusively from agave sugars.
  • Production Method: “Artesanal” or “Ancestral” labels signify traditional methods.
  • Mezcal Classifications: From White or Young to Extra-aged and Infused varieties.
Mezcal bottles

So, if you’re planning a trip to Oaxaca and have a love for mezcal or just a curiosity about this unique spirit, this best mezcal tour is an absolute must!! You’ll leave with not just memories but also a deeper understanding and appreciation of mezcal.

Having a glass of mezcal

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The best Mezcal tour in Oaxaca

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