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Best Restaurants in Zermatt: Your ultimate foodie guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best restaurants in Zermatt, perfect for food enthusiasts and party lovers planning a trip to this Swiss paradise.

From cozy cafes to lively bars, Zermatt offers an array of dining experiences that cater to every taste. 

As you prepare for your culinary adventure, be sure to also explore our complete guide to Zermatt, offering even more insights into what this stunning destination has to offer.

Now, let’s embark on a culinary journey through Zermatt’s top restaurants, pubs, and bars, complete with insider tips on what to try, price ranges, and how to get there.

Best Restaurants in Zermatt

Republic Zermatt

  • Top Choice: ”Le Burger’ for truffle and mushroom fans, complemented by a beer from a local brewery.
  • Price Range: CHF 20-35 (USD $22-40 approx.)
  • Location & Access: Easily accessible within the town, a short walk from the main street.
  • Hours: 10 am – 12 am
  • Why Visit: Perfect blend of a vibrant atmosphere, extensive drink selection, and live sports broadcasts.

Eating burgers

Zermatt Kitchen

  • Must Try: Sourdough & Mushroom: Wild mushrooms, poached eggs & béarnaise sauce. Their poached eggs are out of this world. Perfect for a hearty breakfast or a cozy dinner. If you go for dinner, try their bok choy dish! Don’t forget to grab a pastry or dessert! 
  • Price Range: CHF 20-45 (USD $22-55 approx.)
  • Location & Access: Centrally located in town, just a stroll away from most accommodations.
  • Hours: 8 am – 10 pm
  • Why Visit: Ideal for both hearty breakfasts and cozy dinners, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Eating at Zermatt Kitchen

The North Wall Bar & Restaurant

  • Top Choice: Margherita pizza with goat cheese and nachos for an appetizer.
    • They also have gluten-free and lactose-free pizzas available. 
  • Price Range: CHF 18-28 (USD $19-30 approx.)
  • Location & Access: Located in the heart of Zermatt, accessible on foot.
  • Hours: Thursday- Monday: 6 pm – 12 am
  • Why Visit: A warm environment offering a limited menu focused on what they love and know best: Pizza.


  • What to Try: The beef tartare, complemented by the restaurant’s stunning views.
  • Price Range: CHF 30-50 (USD 32-54 approx.)
  • Location & Access: Above Zermatt at 2020 meters, accessible via Sunnegga skiing or a scenic hike.
    • By Skiing: Reach it via Sunnegga by skiing directly on the blue piste number 6, leaving your skis near the white chapel, and walking 50 meters to the restaurant. 
    • By Walking: Enjoy a scenic hike starting at the small chapel in Winkelmatten, following the well-marked path past the Gornergrat Bridge for an hour, or walk past Leisee via Sunnegga, reaching the Findeln chapel in about 25 minutes and then walking a further 50 meters.
  • Hours: 11am – 4pm
  • Why Visit: For an unforgettable dining experience with panoramic vistas.

Soupi Street Food Kitchen

  • Go-To Dish: The Tomato & Potato Leek soup
  • Price Range: CHF 8-15 (USD $9-16 approx.)
  • Location & Access: Situated within the town, it’s an easy walk from most places.
  • Hours: 11 am – 9 pm
  • Why Visit: Ideal for a quick, satisfying meal after a day on the slopes.


  • Signature Dish: Traditional Swiss fondue.
  • Price Range: CHF 25-35 (USD $27-38 approx.)
  • Location & Access: Nestled in the town center, within walking distance from many hotels.
  • Hours: 3 pm- 11 pm
  • Why Visit: For a cozy spot offering a taste of Swiss tradition.

Traditional Swiss fondue

Pro Tip: Make a Reservation

When planning your culinary adventures for the best restaurants in Zermatt, remember that making a reservation is always a smart move, especially if you’re dining with a group. 

It ensures you get a table at your preferred time and helps the restaurant prepare for your arrival, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable dining experience.

So, to avoid the disappointment of a full house, it’s always better to book ahead than to walk in!

Best Pubs and Bars in zermatt

Hennu Stall Apres-Ski Bar

  • What to Order: Grab a beer or try their Huus Coffee 
  • Location & Access: Hennu Stall is located on the lower part of the Furi-Zermatt slope. A leisurely 30-minute walk from Zermatt will get you there, or you can catch the cable car lift to Furi and enjoy a 15-minute ski descent to the bar. 
  • Hours: 2 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Why Visit: A staple in Zermatt’s skiing culture, perfect for relaxing or dancing after a day on the slopes.

Outdoor Bar at Trockener Steg

  • Specialty: Grab yourself a beer and order the mac and cheese – a must-try!
  • Location & Access: Reachable by the Matterhorn Express cable car.
  • Hours: 9 am – 4 pm
  • Why Visit: Enjoy drinks amidst snow with an incredible view of the Matterhorn.

Lounging out in the snow in Zermatt


  • Experience: South American culture with exotic drinks and live music. Dance the night away with live music on the top floor and techno beats from local DJs on the bottom floor.
  • Location & Access: In the heart of Zermatt, easily accessible on foot.
  • Hours: 10 pm – 4 am
  • Why Visit: For a vibrant night with energetic beats and a lively atmosphere.

Papperla Pub

  • Vibe: Perfect for post-skiing celebrations with live music on a vibrant terrace. Location & Access: Centrally located in the Matterhorn village and perfect for a post-ski gathering.
  • Hours: Fri/Sat: 3 pm – 2 am Daily: 3 pm-12 am
  • ​​Why Visit: A legendary spot for lively gatherings and fun nights. Party until the soles of your ski boots are burning.


  • Specialty: The Hexan Sour – Amaretto, vodka, ‘Zitronensaft und ein Schuss Geheimnis’ which translates to “Lemon juice and a dash of mystery.”
  • Location & Access: A short walk from the main street in Zermatt.
  • Hours: 4 pm – 2 am
  • Why Visit: Potion-themed drinks in a witch-themed setting.

HexenBar in Zermatt

Money-Saving Tips While in Zermatt

  • Pack Snacks: To save a few CHF, bring along some snacks, especially if you’re hitting the slopes or trails.
  • Cook at Home: Staying in an Airbnb? Whip up some meals at home to cut down on dining costs.
  • Look for Happy Hours and Specials: Many restaurants and bars in Zermatt offer happy hour deals or special menu items that can be more affordable.

Helpful Tips for Your Zermatt Dining Experience

Language Tips

  • Communicating in Zermatt: While English is widely spoken, impressing locals with a few Swiss words like ‘danke’ (thank you) can enhance your interactions.

Currency and Payment Methods

  • Currency in Zermatt: The local currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF), but Euros are often accepted. Credit and debit cards are also widely used, making transactions convenient.

Swiss coins

Tipping Etiquette in Zermatt

  • To Tip or Not to Tip: Service charges are typically included in the bill. However, it’s customary to round up the total or leave a small extra amount (about 5-10%) for exceptional service.
    • While tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s appreciated. Having some cash on hand for tipping can be useful, especially in smaller establishments or if you prefer to leave the tip directly with the service staff.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it – your guide to the best restaurants in Zermatt. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a great place to relax, Zermatt’s diverse dining scene has something for everyone. 

Stay tuned to Aqua Apple for more on Zermatt’s best restaurants, travel tips, and experiences!

Best restaurants in Zermatt

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