10 Best things to do in Tulum, Mexico

I called Tulum, Mexico home for a solid six months and I can’t wait to share with you about how to spend your time here. In this curated guide, I will share the top 10 best things to do on your trip.

Tulum is the jewel of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It’s a harmonious blend of serene beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and vibrant nightlife.

Not sure where to start? Check out our comprehensive Sustainable Tulum Travel Guide for some initial planning. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top 10 best things to do in Tulum

top 10 best things to do in Tulum

Laguna Kaan Luum in Tulum
Laguna Kaan Luum

1) The Tulum Ruins

The allure of the Tulum Ruins is hard to resist. With every step, you’re retracing the history of an ancient civilization, and the air is thick with tales of the past. 

Historical Significance:

These ruins aren’t just stone structures. They breathe life into stories of a vibrant Mayan port city. Picture this: a bustling city, traders exchanging goods, and all this against the mesmerizing backdrop of the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Can you feel the pulse of the ancient world?

Touring Tips

Early birds, here’s your chance to shine. A sunrise tour not only gives you tranquility but also a magical golden glow that baths the ruins. And that camera of yours? Prepare for some shots that might just become your next profile picture!

Here’s my recommended Tour: Tulum Ruins Tour + CenoteCheck Rates/Availability

What to Wear and Bring

  • Wear comfortable, light-colored, or loose clothing, as the sun can be intense.
  • Comfy sneakers or sandals are essential for exploring. 
  • Bring or wear your swimsuit if you plan on visiting the beach after the ruins.
    • We recommend this – there are signs to the beach after you visit the ruins. The journey to the beach is a little over a mile long, but it’s worth the walk. There are restaurants and beach clubs on the beach to cool off.  
  • Bring a bottle of water with you to sip as you explore the ruins to keep you hydrated in the heat. There is very little shade around the ruins.
  • Don’t forget your bio-degradable sunscreen.

Open hours: 8 am – 5 pm | $ 90 MXN per person for the Ruins entrance 

2) Visit a beach

Tulum’s Beaches Feel the sand between your toes yet? Tulum’s beaches are where turquoise waters meet pristine sands. Ah, the age-old travel question: “What to wear?” Well, when it comes to Tulum, think comfort meets style. Unsure? Our guide on What to Wear in Tulum is your go-to for nailing that beach-chic look.

Paraiso Beach: With each hammock swing, you’re greeted with views of crystal-clear waters, framed by the rustling of palm leaves. And guess what? When hunger strikes, beachfront eateries serve up local delicacies.

Las Palmas Beach: Ever dreamed of a beach haven away from the crowd? Las Palmas is that whispered secret among travelers. The waves, the serenity, it’s your slice of heaven.

Beach Activities:

The beach isn’t just about laying back. Feel like channeling your inner yogi with sunrise yoga? Or how about some friendly competition with beach volleyball? Dive in, find your groove, and let the shores of Tulum amplify your beach experience.

Paraiso Beach

3) Visit Cenotes in Tulum

Nature’s little secret, cenotes in Tulum, is like stepping into a dream. These aren’t just pools; they’re gateways to an underwater realm, waiting to be unveiled.

What are Cenotes?

Visualize Earth winking at you, opening up just a bit to flaunt pristine, clear pools. This sneak peek into a submerged paradise is nature’s way of showing off, don’t you think? With the sunlight creating shimmering patterns and the water cool against your skin, cenotes are like bottled enchantment.

Our Top Cenotes to Explore:

Eager for more? Explore our curated list of the Top 5 Cenotes near Tulum and delve deeper into this magical experience.

Taking a dip at VESICA Cenote

4) Enjoy yoga in Tulum

Seeking a touch of Zen in Tulum? Embrace the gentle flow of yoga against a backdrop that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Benefits of Beachfront Yoga:

Yoga is transformative, but combine it with the whisper of waves? Pure magic. Each stretch, every breath synchronized with the rhythmic pulse of the sea – could relaxation get any better?

  • Sanará Tulum: It’s more than just yoga; it’s an experience. Picture this: you, on a deck, the sea stretching out before you. The world fades; it’s just you and your breath.
  • Yaan Wellness: Delve deeper into wellness. With a blend of traditional yoga and age-old Mayan healing, its rejuvenation is redefined. Fancy a session enveloped in Mayan rituals?
Yoga studio setup

5) eat out in Tulum

Oh, food lovers, Tulum is your culinary canvas, waiting for you to paint a palette of flavors on your plate! Every meal here is not just eating; it’s an event. Ready for a bite of this tantalizing journey?

Traditional Mayan Delicacies: Ever felt a dish whisper stories of ancient times? Tulum’s Mayan offerings do just that.

  • Cochinita Pibil: Slow and steady wins the taste race. This slow-roasted pork dish, marinated in unique spices, is like a hug for your taste buds. Are you salivating already?
  • Poc Chuc: Take a moment. Close your eyes and think – tender grilled pork basking in the zesty embrace of citrus. Got that image? Now, imagine taking a bite. That’s Poc Chuc for you!

Top Restaurants in Tulum:

  • Hartwood: Picture a rustic setting with the gentle crackle of wood fire. Every dish here is an ode to the culinary arts. The aromas, the flavors, the experience – aren’t you ready to reserve a table?
  • Arca: Dining in a dreamy jungle setting sounds surreal, right? Add to that a menu bursting with dishes made from fresh local produce, and you’ve got Arca. An evening here promises more than just food; it’s a memory in the making.

Best Breakfast Spots in Tulum:

Mornings in Tulum deserve a special mention, thanks to the town’s breakfast haunts. Eager for a peek? Explore our handpicked list of the Top Breakfast Spots in Tulum. Whether it’s the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or the allure of a hearty breakfast plate, these places have got you covered!

6) Explore the Reserves

The song of the wild beckons in Tulum! But how does one immerse in the lush tapestry of Tulum’s nature reserves? The answer lies in experiencing the grandeur hands-on. Ready to wade through the journey?

Why Visit Nature Reserves:

Picture this: verdant expanses stretching infinitely, the soft murmur of the streams, and the secretive rustles of wildlife. Tulum’s nature reserves aren’t just about sightseeing; they’re about feeling. Ever dreamt of being part of nature’s grand play?

How to Explore:

  • Guided Tours: The reserves come alive with tales and tidbits shared by local guides. Why just look when you can listen, learn, and laugh along? There are several tour operators in Tulum offering group and private tours tailored to your interests.
  • Self-Drive: For those who fancy an intimate rendezvous with nature, renting a car can be a good choice. Set your pace, make impromptu stops, and let curiosity guide you! But remember, some reserves might have rough terrains, so always check in advance.
  • Location: While some reserves are situated within Tulum, others might require a short drive. It’s always good to plan, maybe even club a couple of nearby spots!

Wildlife Spotting:

Nature’s grand theatre plays out in full gusto here!

  • Vibrant Toucans: Their playfulness is infectious. Don’t forget your camera; you’ll want to cherish these moments forever.
  • Mysterious Jaguars: These beauties play hard to get. But with patience, who knows what wonders await?

Tips for Explorers:

  • Early Birds: Wildlife is most active during the dawn. How about catching that golden hour for a mesmerizing experience?
  • Stay Alert: Nature has its way of surprising when you least expect it. Keep those senses tuned in!
  • Eco-Friendly: Let’s tread lightly and responsibly. After all, we’re in their home.

As you embark on this adventure, remember: Every step, every chirp, every rustle is a page from nature’s diary.

Vibrant Toucans

7) Wellness and Rejuvenation in Tulum

A haven of tranquillity, Tulum’s wellness retreats offer more than relaxation; they promise a soulful experience that resonates long after you’ve returned home.

Why Choose Tulum for Wellness?

 Beyond its stunning beaches and historical allure, Tulum is rapidly becoming a hotspot for holistic healing and rejuvenation. There’s an energy here, perhaps from the Mayan roots or the natural cenotes, that truly nourishes the soul. Dreaming of finding your Zen?

Top Wellness Resorts:

Coqui Coqui:

  • Location: Coqui Coqui COBA Residence & Spa
  • Booking: Website | Contact: +52 984 168 1600| Email coba@coquicoqui.com
  • Unique Vibe: It’s not just a resort; it’s an experience. Merging a perfumery with a spa, Coqui Coqui offers a fragrant journey like no other.
  • Signature Experience: Delight in their aromatherapy massages, using scents crafted in their own perfumery. Can you feel the aroma already?
  • Practical Tip: After your spa session, browse through their perfumery. Who knows, you might find the perfect scent to remind you of Tulum!

Nest Tulum:

  • Location: NEST Tulum
  • Booking: Website | Spa Menu | Reserve Link
  • Where Nature Meets Comfort: Ocean-front rooms mean you drift to sleep with the lullaby of waves. Pure magic, right?
  • Wellness Offerings: From therapeutic massages to beachfront yoga sessions, it’s all about aligning mind, body, and spirit.
  • Dine Right: Their restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients. Fresh catches of the day and organic greens? Yes, please!

Holistika Resort:

  • Location: Holistika Hotel
  • Booking: Activities | Wellness Booking– +52 9842543355 | Email: wellnessholistika@gmail.com
  • A Holistic Haven: Nestled amidst lush greenery, Holistika provides diverse offerings that range from yoga sessions to art workshops. Ready to explore?
  • Stay Unique: Their accommodations offer a touch of bohemian luxury, from treehouses to cozy domes.
  • Explore More: Holistika’s famed Art Walk is an immersive experience, blending nature and creativity. Wander through their tropical gardens, and you might stumble upon intriguing art installations. Inspired much?

Sealing the Wellness Experience: Dive into the experiences, yes, but also take a moment just to be. Let the vibes of Tulum heal, rejuvenate, and inspire you. And perhaps, as you sip on a herbal tea post-massage, you’ll find that clarity you’ve been seeking.

8) visit the Sian Ka’an Biosphere

A hint of paradise, just beyond Tulum, awaits. Sian Ka’an, or as it’s so fittingly called, “Gateway to the Sky,” sweeps you into a realm of untouched beauty. It isn’t just the magnitude of this largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean that astounds but the life it teems with. And with the badge of a UNESCO World Heritage site? It’s nature’s opus.

Why Sian Ka’an is Unmissable: Imagine a place where time stands still. Mangroves cast reflections on crystal-clear waters, ancient ruins echo stories of the past and the sky. Oh, it stretches endlessly, watching over this biodiverse haven. Feel the calling?

Activities to Dive Into at Sian Ka’an:

Kayaking: Imagine weaving through tranquil waters, every paddle introducing you to a new secret of the biosphere. Ready to discover?

Bird Watching: The vibrant dance of flamingos, the poised flight of herons – it’s not just about watching; it’s about marveling. And trust me, with over 300 bird species? You’ll be entranced.

Booking Your Adventure at Sian Ka’an:

While spontaneity has its charm, a bit of planning ensures you truly get to soak in Sian Ka’an’s essence. Tulum brims with tour operators eager to share this treasure with you. But, considering an online reservation? It could just be your golden ticket, especially when everyone’s flocking to witness nature’s spectacle.

➡️ Booking: Sian Ka’an Reserve Floating Tour

Not-to-Miss Tour Attractions at Sian Ka’an:

Muyil Archaeological Site: Beyond the green curtain of the forest lies a testament to Mayan grandeur. As you tread lightly, can you feel the whispers of time gone by?

The Floating Experience: More than just a float, it’s a surreal journey. Drifting on freshwater channels, surrounded by nature’s symphony? It’s therapy.

The Avian Wonders: Bring out those binoculars and let the vibrant spectacle of birds – from the poised pelicans to the gleeful egrets – serenade your senses.

Nitty-Gritty Details for Sian Ka’an:

Duration: These tours are designed to immerse. Typically spanning 5-7 hours, it’s your escape into the wild. 

Travel Easy: Most operators whisk you away right from your Tulum abode. Sit back and let the adventure commence! 

Nature First: Sian Ka’an treasures its ecosystem. Rest assured, your footprints here only aid in sustainable tourism. 

Inclusions Galore: Beyond the enchanting boat rides and the safety gear, expect local delicacies and guides who sprinkle stories along the way.

To step into Sian Ka’an is to embrace nature in its purest. Every sight, sound, and sensation here is a reminder of the planet’s wonders. And as you head back, with the setting sun painting the sky, there’s a realization – some places aren’t just visited; they’re felt.

9) Dance to Tulum’s Beat: The Nightlife

As the sun dips below the horizon, Tulum begins its transformation. Gone is the tranquil seaside town. In its place? A vivacious haven, with its heart beating to tunes both old and new. From the whispers of the waves to the catchy beats of the DJ, Tulum’s nightlife is a melody you’ll want to lose yourself in.

Batey Mojito Bar: Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar | Nestled amidst the town’s charm, this spot promises mojitos that redefine refreshment. Ever sipped a concoction muddled with freshly pressed sugarcane juice? It’s Tulum’s signature welcome.

Papaya Playa Project: Papaya Playa Project | Envision this – moonlit shores, feet sinking into the sand, and music that beckons. It’s not just a party; it’s an experience, one that often stretches till dawn.

Vagalume: Vagalume Tulum | Wellness beach club & restaurant | A more intimate setting, with a cocktail menu that’s a fusion of local flavors and global inspirations. A sip, a dance move, and repeat – got the drift?

Bonbonniere: Bonbonniere Tulum | Think plush interiors with a tropical twist, where the music ranges from pulsating beats to mellow tunes. It’s where Tulum’s chic crowd converges.

What to Expect in Tulum’s Nightlife:

Expect nights where the soulful strumming of a guitar seamlessly gives way to upbeat DJ tracks. Where traditional Mayan rhythms intertwine with contemporary beats. It’s an auditory adventure. And the attire? While Tulum is all about letting your hair down and grooving to the beat, it’s also about doing it in style. Dive into our What to Wear in Tulum guide and strike the perfect balance between chic and comfortable for those unforgettable nights.

Tulum’s nights are more than just about dancing. They’re about connections – with the music, with the people, and with the very essence of this enchanting town. As the night ages and the stars shimmer, in Tulum, you don’t just dance; you celebrate life.

10) Go shopping: Tulum’s Artisanal Marvels

In the mood for some retail therapy? Discover handcrafted treasures that Tulum’s local artisans take pride in.

Tulum’s Unique Finds:

Handwoven Fabrics: Intricately designed, reflecting Tulum’s vibrant culture. Perfect for a souvenir, right?

Ceramics & Pottery: Artistic creations infused with Mayan essence. Already imagining them on your coffee table?

Best Tulum Shopping Spots:

Mixik: Venture into a space that celebrates Mexican craftsmanship. With artifacts and keepsakes from every corner of Mexico, it’s like embarking on a mini-tour of the country’s artistic prowess. And oh, the treasures you’ll uncover!

La Troupe: Here’s where mindful shopping meets style. Dive into a curated collection that screams sustainability while embracing Tulum’s boho-chic vibe. From fashion-forward apparel to home décor that resonates with Tulum’s essence, every find is a nod to responsible artistry.

Shopping Tip: Remember, each purchase supports local artisans. So while you’re bagging unique finds, you’re also contributing to the community. Feels good, doesn’t it?

With every step in Tulum, there’s an artisanal marvel waiting to be discovered. So, ready to make room in your luggage for these delightful finds?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tulum safe for tourists?

Absolutely! However, like any travel destination, always stay informed and aware of your surroundings.

When is the best time to visit Tulum?

While Tulum is a year-round destination, November to April boasts pleasant weather. Visualizing your vacation already?

Can you swim in the cenotes?

Yes, indeed! In fact, it’s a highlight for many visitors. Ready to dive into crystal-clear waters?

Do I need to speak Spanish?

While it’s a bonus, many locals speak English, especially in tourist areas. A “Hola” and “Gracias” can go a long way, though. Ready to charm the locals with some basic Spanish?

Is Tulum eco-friendly?

Tulum is renowned for its eco-resorts and sustainable practices. But remember, always respect the environment and local guidelines.

Inside Holistika Resort

Wrapping Up Your 10 Best Activities for Your Tulum Adventure

Whether it’s your first time visiting Tulum or it’s a return trip, Tulum has always something to offer for everyone. Pack your bags, prep your itinerary, and get ready for your Tulum adventure. When you return, share your stories with Aqua Apple. Safe travels! 

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