A cenote in Tulum, Mexico

Cenote Snorkeling in Tulum: Your Ultimate Underwater Guide

Planning some cenote snorkeling in Tulum? You’re in for an absolute treat! These natural sinkholes offer some of the most surreal underwater experiences in the world.

 If you’re short on time, don’t forget to check our 4-5 day Tulum itinerary to get the most out of your trip. 

Now, let’s dive into the world of cenote snorkeling in Tulum.

Underwater in a cenote

Cenote Snorkeling Adventure in Tulum

Tulum is a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts, with its crystal-clear cenotes providing a window into an underwater paradise. Let’s explore the top spots for cenote snorkeling in Tulum.

Gran Cenote

  • Snorkeling Experience: Pristine waters and captivating caves.
  • Location:📍Gran Cenote
    • A short hop from Tulum town.
  • Access: Reachable by bike, taxi, or car.
  • Admission fee: 500 MXN or $25 USD Cash + snorkeling gear rental (if you don’t bring your own).
  • Hours: Daily 8 am – 5 pm
  • Why Visit: Perfect for beginners and families, Gran Cenote offers a tranquil snorkeling and swimming experience with clear visibility, making it a top choice for cenote snorkeling in Tulum.
Gran Cenote

Cenote Dos Ojos

  • Snorkeling Experience: Famous for its extensive caverns and linked sinkholes. Dos Ojos is one of the most popular scuba diving spots in the Yucatán Peninsula.
  • Location:📍Cenote Dos Ojos
    • 15-minute drive north of Tulum.
  • Access: Easily accessible by car, taxi, or via a Tulum cenote tour.
  • Admission fee: 350 MXN ~ USD $18 Cash. Snorkeling equipment can be rented for an additional 100 pesos.
  • Hours: Daily 9 am – 5 pm
  • Why Visit: Ideal for those seeking an adventurous snorkeling or swimming journey, Dos Ojos offers stunning underwater sights, making it a highlight of cenote snorkeling in Tulum.

Recommended Scuba Tour Booking: Tulum: Scuba in 2 cenotes including a deep one Pit Dos Ojos

Snorkling in a cenote

Cenote Car Wash (AKA Cenote Aktun-Ha)

  • Snorkeling Experience: A mix of open-air and cave snorkeling.
  • Location:📍Cenote Car Wash
    • Just a few kilometers from Tulum.
  • Access: Simple to reach by car, taxi, scooter, or bike.
  • Admission fee: 300 MXN or $15 USD Cash.
  • Hours: Daily 8 am – 5 pm
  • Why Visit: Known for its verdant aquatic life and peaceful ambiance, Cenote Car Wash provides a serene snorkeling experience, adding to the diverse options for cenote snorkeling in Tulum.
  • Fun fact: The Cenote Car Wash earned its name as it was once a popular place for locals to wash their cars.

Cenote Car Wash (AKA Cenote Aktun-Ha)

Tulum Cenote Tours

Considering a guided tour? Tulum cenote tours offer convenient transportation, and expert guidance, and sometimes include gear. Here are a couple of tours worth checking out:

Tulum Snorkeling Adventure Tour

  • Details: This tour includes snorkeling with colorful fish, a private cenote and cave, transportation, snorkeling gear, and lunch.
  • Price Range: Approximately USD $150+
  • Duration: Half-day to full-day options available.

Booking: Snorkeling with Caribbean fish and private cenote exploration

Cenote Discovery Tour

  • Details: In this guided tour you will visit Casa Cenote, Tulum Bay, and Cenotes Saac Actum. This tour includes snorkeling gear, transportation, and lunch. 
  • Price Range: Around USD $230+ 
  • Duration: A half-day tour

Booking: Snorkeling Adventure Tour Reef & Cenote

Preparing for Your Snorkeling Trip

Ensure you’re ready for your cenote snorkeling adventure in Tulum by visiting our Cenote Preparation Guide. It’s packed with essential tips on gear, safety, and etiquette.

Safety and Best Practices for Cenote Snorkeling

Safety should always be your top priority. Follow all guidelines, and if you’re new to snorkeling or cenotes, consider a guided tour for the best experience.

Pro Tip: Book in Advance

Cenotes can get busy, especially during the high season. Booking a guided cenote snorkeling tour in Tulum in advance ensures you won’t miss out on this incredible experience.

Making the Most of Your Cenote Snorkeling in Tulum

Optimal Snorkeling Times

  • Best Hours: Aim for early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds.
  • Weather Considerations: Clear, sunny days are ideal for the best underwater visibility.

Snorkeling Must-Haves

  • Essentials: Bring your snorkeling gear (optional), bathing suit, flip-flops, eco-friendly sunscreen, a towel, sunglasses, and water.
    • Bio-degradable mosquito repellent is a must! – those critters are everywhere. Only use it after you’re done swimming in the cenote.
  • Optional: An underwater camera to capture the magical world beneath the surface.

snorkling in Tulum

Respecting the Cenotes

Cenotes are precious natural resources. Practice eco-friendly snorkeling to preserve these unique ecosystems for future generations. When visiting all the Yucatan cenotes, you’ll need to take a shower before and rinse off. This is to protect the sensitive ecosystem.

Sunscreen and Mosquito Repellent: To protect the cenote’s delicate ecosystem, the use of sunscreen and mosquito repellent is not permitted before jumping in the water.

Explore More Cenotes Near Tulum

Are you hungry for more underwater adventures? Don’t miss our guide to Cenotes Near Tulum, where each cenote offers a unique experience.

Swimming at VESICA cenote in Tulum


Cenote snorkeling in Tulum is an extraordinary adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with the serenity of nature. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or trying it for the first time, Tulum’s cenotes offer an experience that’s both exhilarating and serene.

For more travel insights and adventures in and around Tulum, keep following Aqua Apple. Let’s make every moment of your journey unforgettable!

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