Cenote Casa Tortuga Tulum

Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum: Dive into Natural Beauty

Ready to explore one of the most enchanting natural wonders in the Yucatán Peninsula? Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum offers a surreal experience in its crystal-clear waters surrounded by the Mayan jungle. 

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Now, let’s get into why Cenotes Casa Tortuga in Tulum is a must-visit attraction. 

A view of Casa Tortuga Tulum

The Captivating World of Cenote Casa Tortuga Tulum

Located near the historic city of Tulum, Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum, named for its unique turtle-shaped rock formations, is a natural paradise for everyone to enjoy. 

Explore the Cenotes of Casa Tortuga

Cenote Casa Tortuga has 4 stunning cenotes, each offering a distinct experience:

Cenote Campana

  • Features: Semi-open cavern with stalagmites, stalactites, and ancient rock formations.

Wisho Cenote

  • Highlights: Passageway in a cavern with fossils and a habitat for bats.

Cenote Dorca

  • Access: Reached by a walk through mangroves on a wooden bridge, offering a magical ambiance.

Cenote Tres Zapotes

  • Experience: An open cenote with crystal clear jade green waters, perfect for a refreshing swim, and you can jump from 3 meters to 8 meters deep into the water.

A view of Casa Tortuga cenote in Tulum

Getting to Cenote Casa Tortuga Park

No matter where you stay in the Riviera Maya, reaching Cenote Casa Tortuga is a breeze. Here’s how you can get there:

  • Location:📍Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum
  • From Tulum: A short trip by bus, taxi, or rental car.
    • By Car: If you’ve rented a car or scooter, it’s a quick 15-minute drive with free parking available.
    • By Taxi: Split the fare with friends or your partner for an easy ride.

Driving in Tulum

Visiting Hours and Tour Duration

  • Open Daily: From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  • Tour Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, with the option to stay at Cenote Tres Zapotes until 6:00 PM closing time.

Tour Packages Available

  • Basic Package (700 pesos / approx. USD $35): Includes a tour of 4 cenotes (2 caverns and 2 open cenotes), a vest for the tour, a guide, and a kayak (subject to availability).
  • Silver Package (1,200 pesos / approx. USD $60): Offers everything in the Basic Package plus a Zip Line experience and a Taco Bar.

The Historical Significance of Cenotes

Cenotes are not just natural pools but hold significant historical and cultural value. The ancient Mayans revered them as sacred gateways to the underworld and relied on them for water. Today, cenotes like Casa Tortuga continue to captivate visitors with their beauty and mystique.

Underwater in a cenote


Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum offers a snorkeling and swimming experience, surrounded by stunning nature. Whether you’re an avid snorkeler or just looking for a serene getaway, this cenote is a must-visit!

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