On this page, you’ll discover comprehensive guides to all the incredible places I’ve called home as a digital nomad and the dream destinations I’ve been lucky enough to explore over the years. Whether you’re looking to dive into the turquoise waters of Mexico’s cenotes or hit the snowy slopes of Zermatt, your next adventure awaits you right here!

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Cenote Dos Ojos
Cenote Dos Ojos: Ultimate Guide + Unique Experiences (2024)
Cenote Dos Ojos invites travelers with its crystal-clear waters and mesmerizing underwater caverns in the lush landscapes near Tulum.  Josh and I were captivated by our first...
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The view of Cenote Jaguar in Tulum
Cenote Jaguar: Your Ultimate 2024 Guide
Welcome to Cenote Jaguar, an incredible cenote right in the middle of Tulum’s vibrant jungle. Prepare for an amazing journey as we head into the tuquise waters of this magical...
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Beachfront yoga
Your 2024 Tulum Yoga Class Guide: A Gateway to Tranquility
A Tulum yoga class provides the perfect setting to enhance your practice, set against the tranquil backdrop of serene beaches and lush jungles.  Catering to all levels, from...
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Arab baths Ronda
The Arab Baths Ronda
The Arab Baths Ronda, known in Spanish as “Baños Arabes” are a relic of architectural and historical significance, and offer a journey back in time to an epoch when Ronda was a bustling...
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Ronda Spain walking tours
Top 5 Ronda Spain Walking Tours: Your Ultimate Guide
Are you ready to explore the best Ronda Spain walking tours? Picture yourself stepping into a world where every alleyway and stone whispers secrets of the past. This isn’t just...
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The Ronda Spain History
Ronda Spain History: A Journey Through Time
The Ronda Spain history doesn’t just whisper; it echoes through the streets, across the breathtaking El Tajo gorge, and within the walls of ancient buildings. If you’re...
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