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Health Benefits of Using Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is gaining popularity on the market for its health benefits. Avocado oil is being placed as an ingredient in many foods. People are liking this oil because its light in flavor and in scent. It’s even better to use than other cooking oils. Most oils are extracted from the seed of the plant, but avocado oil is extracted from the avocado itself.

Avocado is a fruit which contains very high beneficial fats, is high in potassium, and contains more protein than any other fruit. Nutritionally avocado oil resembles olive oil.

The Nutritional Content in the Avocado Oil

The oil is high in monounsaturated fat (good fat), oleic acid and vitamins A, E and D. Avocado oil also contains magnesium which 80% of Americans lack because they don’t consume enough magnesium.

The oil contains antioxidants and may make other foods to be healthier. Avocados contain a compound called beta-sitosterol which positively impacts cholesterol and lipid levels in your body. Some research has shown that beta-sitosterol can inhibit cell division of cancerous cells. Also, the antioxidants of the oil will improve functioning of your cells which in return is helpful for reducing aging.

The Avocado Oil Benefits

Some of the most known benefits of the oil are smoother skin, maintains healthy gums, contains antioxidants, can ease joint pain, is great for cooking, maintains a healthy heart, and it’s tasteful for cooking.

Oral Health and Avocados

This may sound a bit strange, but avocados and their oil are good for healthy gums. The more avocado an individual consumes, the less likely they will get gum disease. Certain properties in the avocado oil reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines which are present in gum disease. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are positive mediators of inflammation.

Cytokines regulate to host responses to infection, immune responses, inflammation, and trauma. Some cytokines turn to make disease worst (pro-inflammatory), while others act to reduce inflammation and promote healing (anti-inflammatory). So, in other words, avocado and avocado oil helps reduce inflammation and may even reverse the development for gum disease.

Avocado Equals Smoother Skin

Avocado oil contains a rich amount of vitamin E. The oil contains polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols which in return can tighten skin, reduce aging appearance on face, and reduce skin damage. You can use avocado oil directly on your skin and find that it can be a nice moisturizer. It can also be used as a lotion, cleanser, and make-up remover.

But try not to use it as an eye make-up remover. Avocado oil can be a replacement to your coconut oils or almond oils that you may use at home. If you suffer from psoriasis, avocado oil might help remedy psoriasis. Also, the oil can help for itchy and dry skin.

Great Source of Monounsaturated Fats

Avocado is a fruit but is considered as one of the highest fat fruits. Three fourths of its calories are from fat. The fat is mostly monounsaturated fat which is oleic acid. This is the same source of fat in olive oils which is the superfood to the Mediterranean diet. Oleic acid has the ability to reduce inflammation and may help prevent cancer developing in the brain and breast.

Comforts Joint Pain

Avocados may help aid with arthritis and individuals who suffer from joint pain. By consuming avocados and avocado oil have the nutritive properties to help comfort joint pain but most likely will not repair the actual damage to the joints.

There still needs to be more research done to see if avocados can be the treatment for repairing joints. The long-term effects are still uncertain but for now, by consuming avocados and its oil can help ease the pain.

Want Stronger and Longer Hair?

Avocados contain an essential fatty acid which can make your hair stronger, longer and healthier. It is used a nourisher for the hair and scalp and may be a great addition to your hair products. Avocado oil is a gentle product that can be easily added to your hair wash routine. There are also some great hair products on the market that you can find or you can just make your own. Below is a way you can apply avocado oil to your hair.

Try this: Combine all

  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil
  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil
  • Add a few drops of lavender and pepperment essential oils

Store in a small sealed container 

Directions: Rub a very small amount onto your scalp at night before bed and wash out in the morning.

The Heart Healthy Oil

Avocado oil consistently shows positive effects on maintaining a healthy heart due to the monounsaturated fats that avocados contain. Avocados are also good for reducing bad cholesterol levels by maintaining a balance between your HDL and LDL levels in your body. Avocado oil improves your good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers your bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. The oil also reduces triglyceride levels, improves blood clotting factors and risks, and improves your insulin sensitivity levels.

Spice Up Your Cooking Skills

Some may believe that avocado oil had a low smoke point but it turns out its reverse. In fact, avocados have a higher smoke point when compared to olive oil. If you use olive oil to cook most of your meals try not to exceed medium. Olive oil can burn and can become a carcinogen when consumed.

So, if you plan to cook above medium temperature, use avocado oil instead. There are many ways to incorporate avocado oil to your diet. One way is adding avocado oil to your salads with lemon juice, Himalayan salt, black pepper and turmeric powder. You can also use avocado oil for stir frys and sautéing your veggies.

Allergen Friendly

Avocado can be used for those who suffer from food sensitivities and can be used in many restrictive diets. The oil can be used for low FODMAP diets, GASPS diet, Mediterranean diet, and in autoimmune diets. The content in avocados help aid digestion for those with sensitivity.

In Your Kitchen

  • Substitute avocado oil for butter or vegetable oil for baking or for high heat temperature cooking.
  • Use as a base for stir frys instead of sesame oil.
  • Add vinegar, lemon juice and spices for an easy salad dressing.
  • Make your own mayo using avocado oil.
  • Use for grilling meats, fish or veggies.

Side Note: Many individuals that have a latex allergy can’t tolerate avocado or the avocado oil. So, it is important to talk to your doctor to see if it’s safe. Avocado is not a common allergen but if you are sensitive then you probably shouldn’t consume.

Where to Purchase

Many local grocery stores will have it or you can try your local farmers markets. 

How to Store

Store in a cool, dark place such as your cupboard. This is where you should keep your other oils as well. Without light or heat, the oil will have a harder time to oxidize and become rancid. Treat your avocado oil as if it were an expensive bottle of wine.


Avocado is not a cure for anything on its own but should be an addition to your healthy lifestyle and diet. Avocados can improve your skin, oral health, and beauty benefits. Try to incorporate and consume more avocados and avocado oil as part of your daily routine and get creative with it.

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