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Herbal Face Steam To Release Congestion

Have you ever gotten a cold that leads to congestion? We all go through it at some point in our lives. We try loosening up the mucus in our nose by drinking a warm cup of tea. going in a sauna or by taking a hot steamy shower or bath. Depending on what tea you drink, breathing in the steam from any scenario may have a temporary relief of congestion.

Benefits of Herbal Steam

Besides the soothing effect which steam creates when you breathe it in, there are also two other benefits, especially if you add in some herbs.

Skin benefits

Steam is used in many spas for facial and skin treatments. The steam has the ability to open up your pores, improve circulation and create a softer feeling skin.

Battling Congestion

Having congestion, a stuffy nose or coughing can be such an annoying struggle to keep your day going.  By adding dried herbs to your steams can help sooth your illness battle.

Inhaling steam can help loosen up your congestion, stuffed nose, and offer a relief from coughing. These steams can also be great before going to bed to help you try to sleep more comfortably. You can combine this method with the congestion herbal spray too. 

This facial steam remedy is actually found in an old natural remedy book. Turns out, this remedy was used back in ancient Egyptian times in public bath houses.

How to Make an Herbal Face Steam

Fortunately, this solution only takes about three minutes to create. You probably already have these ingredients lying around in your kitchen cabinets.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 large pot (or a large bowl) with lid
  • 1 tablespoon each desired herb: peppermint, lavender, thyme, basil, oregano, eucalyptus, rosemary,
  • 2 large towels


  • Place about 1 inch of water in the bottom on the large pot and bring to a boil. (If you are using a bowl, first boil the water then pour it into the bowl).
  • Take one of the towels and fold it in half. Place on a flat, heat-proof surface like a counter top or table. Place the pot or bowl on top of this towel.
  • Add in your dried herbs, stir well, then cover with a lid for 1-3 minutes.

What to Do:

Remove the lid and check if the temperature of the steam is not too hot for your face.

Lean over the pot and then cover your head with the second large towel to create a tent. Make sure to not have any opening gaps where the steam can escape.

Slowly breathe in the steam. It might be helpful to breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth when you first begin. Then eventually try breathing and exhaling through your nose. Mucus might fall into the pot but it’s okay. Give it about 10-15 minutes of this continuous process.

When the 10-15 minutes are up, pour out the herbal liquid and clean out the pot.

Extra Tip: After your facial steam, wipe your face with a 50/50 mix of water and apple cider vinegar. This will tone your skin and remove anything that came out of your pores.

Important Notes:

Many people might use essential oils for facial steams but some essential oils can intensify their potency. Instead use dried-out herbs for your steams and stick to using essential oils in an essential oil diffuser.

Face steams are not recommended for children due to the high heat of the steam, or women who are pregnant due to some effects herbs might portray. It’s best to check with your doctor first, if you have any questions about herbs.

Steam can be very hot, so take caution when handling and breathing in the steam.

Adding garlic cloves can also be beneficial to your facial steams.

Have you ever tried a face steam?


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