Homemade Honey Face Mask and Cleanser

Honey can be both a natural and effective way to cleanse your skin.

Honey Face Mask And Cleanser

For this method, raw honey must be used. Raw honey contains natural antibacterial properties as well as probiotics and enzymes that are good for your skin.

Whether your using this recipe as a mask or as a cleanser, the ingredient, honey, can actually be helpful for acne-prone skin. The honey applied to your face does not retain the moisture coming from your skin but instead, reduces facial oils and bacteria. (Acne is usually caused from an internal issue, so it is important to check your diet too.)

Honey can be more gentler than most soaps, which strip the skin from beneficial oils. Honey also nourishes the skin.

Some veterinarians even use raw honey for skin healing on animals. The honey helps to reduce bacteria from the infected area, which in return, helps speed the healing process. There are also medical-grade ointments that use raw honey for wound and burn healing in humans.

So, What Kind of Honey Should You Use?

There are two types of honey that you can use:

Manuka Honey


Raw Organic Honey

Both seem to work just as well. Manuka honey is considered more cleansing. It also has antibacterial properties as well as health benefits when consumed orally. Typically, raw honey is cheaper but, make sure it’s raw and preferably organic.

Additional Ingredients

By adding a tiny bit of vitamin C powder to the honey face mask, along with some essential oils will give you an extra antibacterial and acne-fighting power.

Different variations may work for different skin types. So, it’s okay to experiment.

Cinnamon– For oily or inflamed skin, add a tiny amount (less than ½ teaspoon) of cinnamon powder to the honey before massaging onto your face. (This may be too potent for some skin types as it may dry out skin.)

Lemon– For age spots or dark patches on skin, try lemon. Adding one teaspoon of lemon juice to the honey before massaging onto your skin helps to clean pores and lighten dark spots. Vitamin C powder also works for this.

Lavender– to balance skin, try lavender. Add 2 drops of organic lavender essential oil to a teaspoon of honey and massage into skin.

How to Use the Honey Mask

  1. Wet face with warm water
  2. Place a small amount of honey in your hands (usually a teaspoon or less is plenty) and rub your hands together.
  3. Message into your skin in a circular motion to get all of the areas.
  4. Leave on for 10-15 minutes for a deep pore cleansing.
  5. Wash off with warm water and pat dry.


How to Use Honey as a Facial Cleanser

To cleanse your face with honey without doing a face mask, just massage one teaspoon of honey onto your damp skin using circular movements. Wash well with warm water and pat dry.

Have you tried honey on your skin before? Share your reviews about honey below!



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