6 Tulum Bike Rentals: Explore Tulum Like A Pro

Opting for Tulum bike rentals is an eco-friendly and efficient method to explore the vibrant Tulum Pueblo (downtown), its surrounding cenotes, the historic Tulum Ruins, and the trendy Hotel Zone. 

As a digital nomad who called Tulum home, bicycles became our main mode of transportation, allowing us to seamlessly blend into local life and landscapes

Exploring Tulum on two wheels is not just an adventure; it’s a journey into the heart of this eco-paradise. While renting a bike is not the most convenient way to get from one destination to another, it is perfect for exploring the surrounding areas. 

This guide offers everything you need to know about renting a bike in Tulum, from selecting the best rental service to exploring the town’s breathtaking landscapes on two wheels.

Best Tulum bike rentals

Why Rent a Bike in Tulum?

Choosing to rent a bike in Tulum offers a unique opportunity to explore at your own pace. 

Biking allows for an intimate connection with the environment, enabling you to discover hidden gems and local spots that might be missed when traveling by motorized transport. Moreover, it underscores a commitment to eco-friendly travel, aligning with Tulum’s efforts to maintain its natural beauty through sustainable tourism practices.

Biking to the popular boho-chic Hotel Zone for those Instagram-worthy shots at Ven A La Luz, Follow That Dream Sign, Matcha Mama or Azulik takes about 45 minutes by bike from Tulum Centro (downtown). 

Nearby cenotes, public beaches, and Tulum ruins are also accessible by bike, adding a rewarding physical element to your exploration.

Best Tulum Bike Rentals

Numerous local shops around town provide a range of bicycles suited for different terrains, ensuring you find the perfect ride for your exploration.

➡️ Here are our top recommended Tulum bike rentals.

OLA BIKE TULUM – ⭐ 4.9 Google rating

They have the iconic Instagram turquoise bikes with rose-colored baskets. You may have seen them in images. 

IBIKE RENTALS – ⭐ 4.5 Google Rating

They have similar bikes to Ola Bike Rental. Each bike comes with a basket. 

  • Google Maps Location: IBike Tulum
  • Website: iBike Tulum
  • Hours: 8 am – 5 pm | closed Sundays 
  • Prices:  $200 MXN | $10 USD for 24 hour rental
  • Bookings: Rentals

iBike Tulum
iBike Tulum in Tulum Centro

LA VELETA RENTAL BIKE – ⭐ 4.6 Google rating

  • Google Maps Location: La Veleta Rental Bike
  • Website: La Valeta Rantal Bike
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7 am – 3 pm | Saturday – Sunday: 9 am – 2 pm | closed Wednesdays
  • Prices: $100 MXN | $6 USD for 24 hours
  • Bookings: Call +52 722 155 5854


TULUM EBIKES – ⭐ 5.0 Google rating

Are you looking for a quicker way to navigate Tulum? Consider renting one of four types of e-bikes available Two urban ebikes (Elite 3 and Elite 3DH), and two fat bikes (Extreme 3.1 and Extreme EZ). Renters must be at least 16 years of age and accompanied by an adult aged 21 or older.

➡️ It’s recommended to book in advance. 

  • Google Maps Location: Tulum eBikes 
  • Website: Tulum Electric Bikes
  • Hours: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Prices: $600 MXN | $35 USD for 24 hour rental
  • Bookings: Call +52 98 4312 1339 | Email: tulumelectricbikes@gmail.com

ALDEA ZAMA BIKE RENTALS – ⭐ 4.9 Google rating

  • Google Maps Location: Aldea Zama Bike Rentals
  • Prices: $200 MXN | $10 USD for 24 hour rental
  • Bookings: Check availability at the shop

➡️ Pro tip: When planning your Tulum itinerary and travel transportation, make sure to reserve a bike rental in advance. You can also visit the shops directly to check availability. 

Comparing Prices and Options

When selecting Tulum bike rentals, it’s essential to compare not just the costs but the variety of options available. 

Factors like the bike’s style suitable for your planned activities, how long you’ll rent it, and any extra offerings like guided tours or equipment should influence your choice. 

Since rental fees can differ significantly between providers, taking the time to review several services can ensure you find a rental that matches both your financial plan and adventure needs, optimizing your Tulum experience.

Finding the best Tulum bike rentals

Guided Bike Tours in Tulum

For those interested in a more structured exploration, guided bike tours provide an insightful way to learn about Tulum’s history, ecology, and culture while riding through scenic routes.

Exploring Tulum’s Natural Beauty

Guided tours often visit iconic spots such as the Tulum Ruins, Cobra Ruins, and various cenotes, offering a unique perspective on the region’s natural wonders.

Cenotes trail jungle bike tour in Tulum with lunch

Tulum Area Experiences Guided E-Bike Tour- 3 Cenote’s Snorkel/Swim & Local Lunch

Tulum Bike Tour Tulum Maya Ruins Cenote Swimming Pueblo History Art Tacos Lunch

Private Tour: Coba Ruins by Bike, Tulum Ruins by Boat and Swim in a Cenote

Mayan Backroads Private Bike Tour from Tulum

Visiting Playa Ruinas in Tulum

Where Can You Bike to in Tulum?


The downtown area, or “pueblo,” is vibrant, offering a rich experience of local life through its side streets adorned with murals, and diverse shops and eateries. 

The main avenue invites you to a colorful array of local crafts, food, and art.

I recommend stopping by at these places


Renowned for its innovative approach, Raw Love serves up a 100% plant-based menu free from refined sugars, dairy, and animal products. Its breakfast offerings are packed with vivid, fresh superfoods, delighting eyes and taste buds.


Daily changing menus feature locally sourced, organic ingredients, promising a novel dining experience with each visit. 


Holistika Hotel emphasizes daily yoga practices, catering to guests seeking to maintain their wellness routine in a serene environment. The hotel’s focus on yoga aligns with its overall ethos of holistic health and well-being.

The art walk at Holistika in Tulum


Often underestimated, the ride to the Hotel Zone may extend to 45 minutes [one way] based on your destination within it.

For instance, reaching landmarks like the Ahau Eco Hotel, home to the Ven A La Luz statue and Matcha Mama, spans about 5 miles if you are coming from Tulum Pueblo. 

There is a bike path on Coba Avenue on the right side of the street that will lead you to the Hotel Zone. The fork at the end of the Cobra Avenue path directs you either towards the Tulum Ruins (left) or the Hotel Zone (right). 

➡️ Take the right to reach your desired destination in the Hotel Zone filled with shops, eateries, beach clubs, hotels, and bars along the way. You never know what will catch your eye. 

 Ahau Eco Hotel, home to the Ven A La Luz statue


A bike journey to these Tulum Ruins from the Tulum Pueblo area can take roughly 30 minutes via Coba Avenue

Alternatively, a quicker 15-20 minute route exists alongside Highway 307, leading directly to the ruins’ entrance

If you are leaving from the Hotel Zone it will take 30 minutes or more to reach the Tulum Ruins. 

The Tulum Ruins in Mexico


You will be able to access Tulum’s public beaches by taking the path via Coba Avenue

The fork at the end of the path directs you either towards the Tulum Ruins (left) or the Hotel Zone (right). 

It typically takes 15-20 minutes to reach this junction, with Playa Paraiso just an additional 10-12 minutes away on the left

Convenient bike racks are available for secure parking before you enjoy the sand and water.

Biking in Tulum


The best cenotes to reach by bike are Gran Cenote, Cenote Car Wash, Cenote Aldea Zama, Laguna Kaan Luum, and VESICA Cenote

➡️ While Casa Cenote and others are reachable, caution due to variable water quality is advised. For distant cenotes, consider alternative transport, mindful of safety along highways.

Cenote Car Wash (AKA Cenote Aktun-Ha)

Tips for Cycling in Tulum

Stay safe and comfortable during your cycling adventures by following these tips, including what to wear, how to stay hydrated, and the best times to ride.

  • Bring a lock to always secure your bike to prevent theft.
  • Wear a hat to protect you from the sun.
  • Apply and bring eco-friendly sunscreen and eco-friendly mosquito repellent to protect your skin.
  • Store the bike rental service’s WhatsApp number in your phone for easy access.
  • Carry a day bag with essentials, including a reusable water bottle, to stay hydrated.
  • Be cautious of potholes on the road to avoid accidents.
  • Avoid biking at night for safety reasons.
  • Exercise caution when crossing lanes that intersect with the bike path.
  • Pass on the left when possible and always signal to others when overtaking.
  • Try to avoid biking during the rainy season, as paths can become flooded and slippery.


What Are The Best Bike Rental Companies In Tulum?

While there are many Tulume bike rentals available, Ola Bike Tulum stands out for its service and variety of bikes. They cater to different preferences and biking needs, making them a top choice for visitors. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bike In Tulum?

Bike rental rates in Tulum vary, but you can typically expect to spend between $150 to $250 MXN per day. Prices may depend on the bike type and rental duration.

Are There Guided Bike Tours In Tulum?

Yes – Tulum offers several guided bike tours that provide a comprehensive overview of the area. These tours are fantastic for understanding Tulum’s geography and connecting with fellow travelers.

Can You Get Around Tulum By Bike?

Yes – Biking is a favored mode of transportation in Tulum. It’s an efficient way to access nearby cenotes, Tulum Ruins, beaches, and even the Hotel Zone, offering a scenic and eco-friendly travel option.

Can You Bike To Tulum Ruins?

Yes – biking to the Tulum Ruins is doable and quite enjoyable. There’s a faster route along Highway 307 that takes about 15-20 minutes, leading you directly to the entrance.

What Are The Best Cenotes In Tulum By Bike?

Several cenotes near Downtown Tulum are accessible by bike within 30-45 minutes. Notable mentions include Cenote Car Wash and Gran Cenote for their beauty and proximity. 

Supporting Sustainable Travel in Tulum

Choosing to rent a bike is a step towards supporting Tulum’s eco-friendly initiatives, helping preserve its unique environment for future generations.

Have any questions about bike rentals in Tulum? Drop them below in a comment! Stay tuned for more Tulum adventures with Aqua Apple!

Tulum bike rentals

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