On the rooftop at Azulik, Tulum

What to Wear in Tulum: The Ultimate Packing Guide

Ever dreamt of feeling the sun on your face and the sand beneath your feet while looking absolutely stylish? Welcome to Tulum, Mexico! But before you embark on this wellness and travel journey, here’s a friendly guide on what to wear in Tulum. Dive in, take notes, and let’s have you styled and ready! If you’re looking for recommendations on how to kickstart your trip, we’ve curated a comprehensive 4-day or 5-day itinerary for Tulum.

A Peek into Tulum: Setting the Context

Tulum isn’t just a travel destination; it’s a mood. It seamlessly merges the vibes of a serene wellness retreat with a boho-chic fashion runway. Understanding its spirit will make it clear why specific attire works best here.

The Climate Decoder: Tulum’s Weather

Warm, tropical, and occasionally wet, Tulum demands breathable and lightweight clothing. But how can we forget style while ensuring comfort?

Clothing Essentials for Your Tulum Escape

The Beach Ensemble

Tulum’s beaches are a dream, so make sure you have:

  • Swimsuits and Bikinis: Embrace colors, but also consider eco-friendly brands. Sustainability is chic!
  • Beach Cover-ups: Sarongs, kaftans, or light cotton dresses work wonders.
  • Beach Footwear: Flip-flops or comfy sandals.
  • Shorts and Skirts: You will not want to wear jeans in the humidity. Jean shorts are great, but leave your jean pants at home. 

Tulum’s Nightlife Glam

The transition from sun-kissed beaches to the mystique of Tulum’s nightlife is nothing short of magical. The night brings a cooler vibe, making it perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the region’s spirited nightlife. The key? While you want to look chic and stand out, comfort remains at the forefront of every outfit choice. After all, you’ll be dancing, exploring, and enjoying every moment!

For the Ladies

Tulum’s nightlife is all about effortless style that compliments its boho-chic ambiance.

  • Flowy Maxi Dresses: These are ideal for their elegance and ease. Go for earthy tones or vibrant prints, depending on your mood.
  • Jumpsuits: A perfect blend of style and convenience, they are versatile for both beach bars and upscale venues.
  • Flowy Pants and Cute Crop: In the humid climate, flowy pants are perfect to wear. Match it with a cute crop top, and you’re ready to go. Leave your jeans at home. 
  • Stylish Sandals or Wedges: While heels might seem tempting, Tulum’s terrain favors sandals or wedges. Opt for ones with intricate designs or embellishments for that added glam.
  • Accessorize Wisely: A statement necklace or boho earrings can elevate your nighttime look. Remember, in Tulum, sometimes less is more.

For the Gents

Tulum’s laid-back vibe does not mean compromising on style.

  • Light Linen Shirts: Linen, being breathable, is a fantastic choice. Whether it’s whites, pastels, or bold tropical prints, these shirts seamlessly blend comfort with style.
  • Comfortable Chinos or Shorts: Depending on the venue, chinos can offer a more polished look, while shorts keep things casual yet sharp.
  • Footwear: Closed shoes like loafers or espadrilles can be both stylish and comfortable. If sandals are more your vibe, ensure they’re neat and pair well with your attire.
  • Hats and Watches: A stylish hat can be a great addition to those outdoor venues. Watches, especially rustic or leather-strapped ones, can add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Pro Tip: Tulum’s nightlife can surprise you with occasional beach parties or forest raves. While dressing up, always factor in the location of your evening escapade. It helps in striking the right balance between style and comfort.

At the rooftop of Azulik, Tulum

Exploring the Mayan Magic: Comfortable Footwear

Tulum is home to some of the most iconic Mayan ruins, and the experience is sure to leave you awestruck. As you tread the paths once walked by ancient civilizations, the right footwear ensures you remain comfortable during this adventure.

  • Sneakers: Venturing into the ruins demands a good pair of sneakers, preferably breathable ones. Opt for lightweight sneakers that provide enough cushioning to support you through the day. Brands like Adidas, Nike, or New Balance often have designs perfect for such explorations.
  • Comfortable Sandals: For those who prefer sandals, think about arch support. Tulum’s terrain can be tricky at times, so sandals with good grip and cushioning can be a lifesaver. Brands like Teva or Birkenstock come highly recommended for such trips.

Pro Tip: While style is important, prioritize footwear that you’ve already broken into. New shoes might give you blisters, which you don’t want on your vacation!

Temple of Kukulcan (El Castillo)

Accessory Alert: What Elevates Your Tulum Outfits

Accessories have the power to transform your outfit from simple to stunning. When in Tulum, these additions not only elevate your style but serve functional purposes too.

  • Hats: Tulum’s tropical sun can be intense. A stylish hat isn’t just a statement piece; it also doubles as a protector against the sun. Whether you’re leaning towards wide-brimmed hats, fedoras, or simple caps, ensure they complement your outfit and shield you effectively.
  • Sunglasses: A must-have! But beyond style, ensure they offer 100% UV protection. From classic aviators to chic cat-eyes, choose a frame that flatters your face shape.
  • Jewelry: When you think of Tulum, think boho vibes. Wooden beads, turquoise stones, shell jewelry, and anklets can add that beachy touch to your outfits. Remember, sometimes layered jewelry can make a more significant impact than a single statement piece.
  • Bags: Depending on your day’s plan, choose between crossbody bags or stylish backpacks. They’re not just trendy but also ensure you can carry your essentials like water, sunscreen, and a camera. Opt for neutral shades like tans, browns, or whites, which can go with most outfits.

Quick Reminder: While accessories elevate your look, it’s the memories you make that truly accentuate your Tulum experience. So, wear that smile and let your spirit shine through!

While Tulum offers a lot from a fashion perspective, diving into the local markets can provide some exciting finds. Handmade jewelry, crafted with love by the local artisans, can be a delightful addition to your Tulum outfits.

Shopping in Tulum: Dive into the Local Fashion Scene

While Tulum offers a lot from a fashion perspective, diving into the local markets can provide some exciting finds. Handmade jewelry, crafted with love by the local artisans, can be a delightful addition to your Tulum outfits.

Taking a swing at VESICA Cenote Sanctuary

Packing Right: Tips and Tricks

Rolling vs. Folding: Maximizing Luggage Space

Ever heard of the rolling technique? Instead of folding, roll your clothes. Not only does this reduce creases but it’s a space-saver too! And who doesn’t love extra space for Tulum clothing essentials and souvenirs?


Using packing cubes can help separate your beachwear from nightlife outfits.

The Essentials Kit: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Think of this as your Tulum survival kit:

  • Sunscreen: The Tulum sun, while absolutely gorgeous, can be quite fierce. Always keep your skin protected.
  • Bug Spray: Nature is lovely, but sometimes a little too friendly. Keep those tiny mosquitos at bay with bug repellent. 
  • Personal Medications: Always keep your necessary meds within reach. It’s better to be safe!
  • Hydration Packets: Tulum adventures might leave you dehydrated. These packets can be a quick fix.
  • Travel-sized Toiletries: You never know when you might need a quick freshen-up!
  • Portable Charger: For those long days out, ensure your devices remain charged.
  • Camera: From sunrises to architectural marvels, your camera will thank you later.

Packing Pro-tip: Place heavier items at the base of your suitcase to keep it balanced and prevent delicate items from being squashed. And don’t forget to leave a tad bit of space for all those Tulum treasures you’ll undoubtedly pick up on your journey!

Respecting Local Traditions and Attire

While Tulum is modern and tourist-friendly, it’s always wise to be respectful. Beachwear is for the beach. When visiting local spots, keep it modest and respectful. Be aware of your surroundings and blend in seamlessly.

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

Overpacked bags, too many heels (oh, the temptation!), and not packing for different occasions can be common slip-ups. But now that you’re reading this, we’re sure you’re going to nail the Tulum fashion guide!

When packing for Tulum, it’s just as crucial to know what to leave behind as it is to know what to bring. Here are some items you might want to reconsider:

What Not to Pack for Tulum

1. Heels or Stilettos

Tulum’s charm lies in its natural, boho environment. The streets are often sandy or cobblestoned, making it a challenging terrain for heels. Opt for stylish flats, sandals, or wedges instead.

2. Heavy Makeup

Tulum’s humid, tropical climate means lightweight, breathable makeup is best. Think BB creams, waterproof mascara, and lip tints. Let your skin enjoy the natural sun-kissed glow!

2. Hair Styling Tools

Embrace the natural beach waves! With the humidity and saltwater, it’s easiest to let your hair do its natural thing. If you must, a simple hair dryer or a travel-sized flat iron should suffice.

3. Bulky Winter Clothes

Unless you’re traveling during a freak cold spell, you won’t need those heavy sweaters or jackets. Lightweight layers will serve you well on slightly chillier nights.

4. Synthetic Fabrics

Avoid packing clothes made of polyester or other synthetic fabrics. They don’t breathe well in the humid climate. Instead, prioritize natural fibers like cotton or linen.

5. Valuable Jewelry

While Tulum is generally safe, it’s best to leave your precious jewelry at home. Instead, go for boho, casual pieces that fit Tulum’s laid-back vibe.

6. Single-Use Plastics

Tulum is becoming increasingly eco-conscious. Bring reusable items like water bottles, straws, and tote bags. Avoid packing items that will contribute to waste.

7. Non-Biodegradable Sunscreen

Protecting the region’s coral reefs and cenotes is essential. If you’re bringing sunscreen, ensure it’s reef-safe and biodegradable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tulum conservative in attire?

  • Tulum, with its eclectic blend of cultures and backgrounds, is fairly relaxed and tourist-friendly. However, it’s always a beautiful gesture of respect to dress modestly when you’re venturing outside the beach or resort areas. Think of visiting local markets, small village zones, or religious places; a little discretion in attire goes a long way.

Any specific colors to wear in Tulum?

  • Ah, the Tulum palette! Earthy tones like browns, greens, and tans beautifully echo the natural beauty around. But hey, this is your tropical vacation – feel free to radiate energy with vibrant blues, sunny yellows, and passionate reds. Essentially, wear what makes your heart sing and complements the Tulum vibes.

What’s the shoe scene like?

  • Considering Tulum’s sandy streets and occasional cobblestone paths, comfort is key. While stylish sandals and espadrilles are quite popular, it’s a good idea to have a trusty pair of sneakers, especially if you plan to explore the ruins or indulge in nature hikes.

Is it safe to wear jewelry?

  • Tulum is generally safe, and sporting jewelry, especially the boho-themed ones, can really elevate your look. However, it’s wise to avoid flashy and expensive items. Instead, go for more laid-back, casual pieces that blend with Tulum’s relaxed ambiance.

How about swimwear?

  • Beach zones and cenotes are swimwear havens! But, remember, once you leave the beach or pool area, it’s polite to cover up with a sarong, kaftan, or a light summer dress.

Should I pack rain gear?

  • Tulum can occasionally surprise you with a tropical shower. A lightweight, packable rain jacket or a small umbrella can be a handy inclusion, especially if you’re traveling during the rainy season.

Is there any dress code for Tulum’s nightlife?

  • Night venues in Tulum range from relaxed beach bars to more upscale spots. While there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s always good to strike a balance between casual and chic. Earthy, boho outfits with a hint of glam usually hit the mark!

Concluding Your Tulum Fashion Journey

Fashion is more than just clothes; it’s an expression. In Tulum, it’s all about expressing freedom, wellness, and joy. So as you pack and plan, remember to sprinkle in a bit of your essence. After all, isn’t personal style the best style?

Remember, fellow travelers: This is more than just a trip; it’s an experience. Your outfits will not only make you look good but will also serve as memories when you look back. So pack wisely, travel safely, and make every outfit count!

The Ven a La Luz sculpture


What to wear in Tulum, Mexico

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