The Benefits of Taking Salt Baths

Most of us are most likely deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is the second most abundant element in our bodies and is needed in over 300 enzymatic reactions. Magnesium is depleted in our soil, water, and food supply, and the imbalance of nutrients has left 80% of Americans deficient or almost deficient. Magnesium supplements that are taken …

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The Importance of Omega-3s

Should I Be Taking Fish Oil Supplements? If you like to read science articles and journals, you probably have come by conflicting research when it comes to fish oil and Omega-3s. The research may be confusing, but it’s important to first understand the implications of the consumption of fish oil and Omega-3s. Let’s start from …

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Is Drinking Coffee Healthy For You?

  Like many health and nutrition options, when it comes to answering the question, “is drinking coffee healthy?”, the answer is: it depends. There are many contributing factors as to why coffee may or may not be healthy for you. Such factors include; the biochemistry, the source of where the beans came from, when and …

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Let’s Talk About Stool

 This may be a funny subject, but pooping is a natural occurrence and can be talked about for a better understanding.   Now, if you haven’t seen or have had green stool before it can be alarming. So, what does it mean? Typically, green stool means that your body is correctly doing its job. But, if …

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